Geothermal Services

Outstanding Geothermal Services

Do you need a geothermal heating and cooling system for your home or office? You can count on Shawver Well Company Inc for excellent geothermal heating and cooling system installation services. 

Get help from our technicians in deciding the most economically suitable geothermal unit for your home or office. We'll help you in making the right choice based on your site location.
Pump drilling

Residential and Commercial Geothermal Services

Choose from our wide range of geothermal system services:
  • Pump & reinjection system
  • Vertical loops drilling & installation
  • Manifolding of vertical loops
The economics of your geothermal heating and cooling system depends on the size of the system, available open space on your property and the geology that underlies your property. For no-obligation estimates, call us today!
Pump drilling

See the diagram below for an illustration on how geothermal works

Geothermal diagram
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