Well Drilling

Excellent Well Drilling Services

Are you looking for prompt well drilling services for your farm or residential property? Trust Shawver Well Company Inc for quality well drilling services. We only use high-quality steel casing, thick walled PVC casing and advanced drilling techniques to drill your well.

Our state-certified drillers follow the Iowa code for well-drilling activities. We use an optimum amount of casing with full-length pressure grouting to keep out unwanted contaminants. Our team will ensure that you get clean and healthy water from your well.
Well Drilling

Get a 10-Year Warranty on Our Well Drilling Services

With our well drilling services, you get a 10-year WARRANTY on materials, workmanship and water quality in select areas.

If you decide to sell your property within the 10-year period, your warranty can be transferred. Once we complete the well drilling project, we'll give you a signed certificate of WARRANTY outlining our 10-year coverage.
Well Drilling

Benefits of Getting a Well Drilled

If you're still confused about getting a well drilled on your farm or residential property, check-out some of these benefits right away:
  • Enhances the value of your property
  • Save money by avoiding non-refundable connection fees and monthly meter charges
  • With regular and annual maintenance, well components can last for years
  • Getting a well drilled on your farm is cost-effective as the operational cost is low

Our Services 

Commercial Services
  •     Construction of large-diameter water wells
    •         Limestone and sandstone wells
    •         Sand and gravel wells
  • Test well drilling
  • MSHA Certified
  • Test pumping
  • Well development 
    • Acidization    
    • Air development
  • Televising
  • Well reconstruction
  • Well abandonment
  • Consultation services 
    • Desktop study performed on well and aquifer characteristics
    • Assistance in writing specifications on well construction

Residential Services
  •     New well construction
  •     Geothermal drilling
    •    Pump and reinjection
    •     Vertical loops
    •     Manifolding
  • 10-year warranty
  • Plugging abandoned wells
  • Well inspection 
    • Televising
    • Clean-out
  •     Water sampling and testing
  •     Consultation on water system design
  •     Pump and septic installation
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We provide a 10-year WARRANTY on our residential & farm wells.
Established in 1937, we're licensed to provide top-notch well drilling services in Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois.
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